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These are the instructors recommended by NIHONGO IROHA. Please check their profiles to find one that interests you.


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Conveniently start taking private one-on-one lessons.

We are an online school, so you can start anytime, anywhere and it is much cheaper than attending Japanese school in Japan or locally. In addition, you can study one-on-one.



Polite and thorough Japanese lessons by Japanese instructors.

Our instructors are also skilled at English, so you can ask questions in English.


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Expand your chance to work in Japan.

Your world of possibilities expands when you can speak Japanese.


NIHONGO IROHA ― Japanese online school ―

“IROHA” means the ABC in English, basics, start and element.

Japanese instructors teach you Japanese in detail from the basics.

One 25-minute lesson is 500 yen! Lessons are held online with no initial costs required, so you can join anytime. (All you need to do is register with Skype.)

Beginners can start lessons without any worries! Our instructors are skilled at English so feel free to ask them questions in English.

Learning Japanese may provide an opportunity for you to work in Japan in the future! Your world of possibilities expands when you can speak Japanese.

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