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By registering for membership with NIHONGO IROHA, you agree to the following terms of use.

Article 1. Terms of membership registration

These terms of use are made in order to set the rules for using 【NIHONGO IROHA】 as well as other associated services (hereafter referred to as “the Services”), which are offered by Global-One. Inc. (hereafter referred to as “the Service Provider”) to the members (hereafter referred to as “the Users”) as users of the Services.

Article 2. Scope of terms

The Users shall read through these terms of use and honestly comply with them in using the Services. All the information on the homepage of the Service Provider, as well as the ones sent additionally by the Service Provider to the Users via E-mails and with other methods will be considered as being incorporated in these terms of use.

Article 3. Change of terms

  1. The Service Provider may change the content of these terms of use without the confirmation of the Users. In this case, the conditions of the Services conform to the new terms of use.
  2. The new terms of use, except in the case of the Service Provider sets other ones separately, takes effect up on appearing online.

Article 4. Membership registration and confirmation

  1. Persons, who wish to use the Services shall install a free call software(Skype) and register themselves as members by using the methods provided by the Service Provider.
  2. Upon membership registration, please check if your communication environment is appropriate for using the Services.
  3. Persons (including those who have done the interim registration for the purpose of becoming a member) who registered themselves as members will be, at the point when the registration is completed, considered to have acknowledged the content of this term of use.
  4. One is allowed to register oneself as a user only one time. Also, one can use the free trial only once. When a person is found to have abused the free trial by making a number of registrations, the Service Provider shall charge the Users with abuse of the Services provided by the Service Provider, and the latter must comply with its responsibility.

Article 5. Disapproval of registration

The Service Provider may refuse to register an applicant under the following conditions.

  1. When an applicant has already registered once and tries to register again with other names.
  2. When an applicant provides false or wrongful information, or submits incomplete forms upon applying for membership.
  3. When an applicant is considered to be a danger for the smooth operation of the Services.
  4. When an applicant has previously been expelled from membership.
  5. When an applicant is judged by the Service Provider, for reasons other than those listed above, as inappropriate for becoming a member.

Article 6. Starting date of the service

At the point when the Service Provider informs the Users of the registration completion by E-mail, the Services commence. The day on which the E-mail is sent out by the Service Provider will be considered the starting date of the Services.

Article 7. Time limit for the service

There is no time limit for the Services. However, members who have not made appointments for lessons (lessons/lectures) for any period exceeding 6 months may be, without a prior notice, removed from our systems.

Article 8. Cancellation of the service

Cancellation of the service use (=withdrawal from membership) does not require a separate procedure. As stipulated in Article 7, when a member has not made appointments for lessons over a considerable period of time, we may remove those members from our systems.

Article 9. Refund

Purchased tickets, used or unused, are not able to be returned nor refunded. The same applies to situations when the Services are unable to be used because of a connection problem or software failure by the Users.

Article 10. Lesson (lessons, lectures) details

  1. The Users shall purchase POINTS for the Services by credit card (using Paypal) and use those POINTS when making appointments for lessons.
  2. When the Users send a cancellation notice using the cancellation form, if it’s within the period set by the Service Provider, the tickets will be returned to the Users by the Service Provider.
  3. If a teacher should fail to attend a lesson for reasons of their own, or the lessons are not carried out properly because of problems, caused by the Service Provider, POINTS are returned to the Users. The amount of those POINTS is determined by the Service Provider according to the situation.
  4. Lesson availability, lesson schedule and POINTS needed for each lessons shall be checked on the homepage of the Service Provider.
  5. If the starting time of a lesson is delayed because of the Users, the ending time of the lesson does not change. POINTS shall not be returned in this case.

Article 11. Force majeure

Neither party shall be liable for any temporary failure or cancellation in the performance of the Services for the period that such failure or cancellation is due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, war, strikes or labor disputes or any other force majeure event. In such cases, reasonable solutions (returning POINTS, rearranging lessons, etc.) shall be decided each time upon consultation between both parties.

Article 12. Scope of responsibility

  1. If a lesson does not take place because of reasons caused by of the Service Provider, this Party returns POINTS for this particular lesson to the Users. For other losses, which may be caused by the lesson cancellation, even sudden ones, the Service Provider will not be responsible.
  2. The Users shall check its communication situation and device settings prior to the lessons. When the Service Provider decides, that the lesson can not take place because of the communication devices or communication situations on the side of the Userst, the Service Provider will not return POINTS to the other Party.
  3. The Service Provider is not responsible for protecting the copyright of files, videos or pictures which are sent or uploaded from the Users to teachers, regardless of their publication on the homepage of the Service Provider.
  4. If the website of the Service Provider becomes unaccessible because of server connection troubles, immediate actions shall be taken to restore the operation by the Service Provider. In such situations, the loss of lesson opportunity for the Users shall not be compensated.

Article 13. Protection of private information

Private information of the Users which is received by the Service Provider shall be dealt with according to its Privacy policy. However, this is not the case in situations where private informations are shared with teachers privately by the Users.

Article 14. Copyright and property

Copyright and property of all the trade marks, description and logos related to the Services attribute to the Party of the First Part. The usage or redistribution of copied materials by the Users is forbidden.

Article 15. Jurisdiction

The parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court with respect to any dispute arising between the parties.

Additional clause: These terms are effective as of September, 2017.

Global-One. Inc. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) informs of its approach to privacy policy with the following concepts.

The principle for Privacy Policy

In performing our work, including contents planning and creation, developing computer systems, sales and related consultations, the Company from time to time may collect and use personal information. With growing social needs for protecting personal information, as well as protecting privacy rights, we attach utmost importance to the safety of customers’ personal information, and we provide strict guidelines for all staff and anyone else taking part in our projects. Also, the Company promises to properly deal with personal information of all our customers and our staff (including applicants and retirees).

Basic Policy concerning Collection , Utilization and Provision of Personal Information

The Company collects personal information to the extent necessary for performing its work with regards to the contents of the business and its scale. Upon collecting personal information, we inform the person of specific purpose of its utilization and obtain his/her agreement. We use obtained personal information only in the scope of our specific business purpose, and before making any changes to this purpose we inform the affected persons and obtain the necessary additional agreements. Except in cases when we are required to provide collected personal information based on Laws or in outsourcing operations, we will not provide any collected personal information to third parties without the affected person’s authorization. In order to prevent the abuse of collected personal information, we make sure that our internal supervisory manager (supervisor for protecting personal information) confirms the appropriateness of the utilization and provision of collected personal information.

Safety management and control measures for Personal Information

  1. Precautionary measures for leakage, loss and misuse of personal information The Company implements strict security measures to prevent leakage, loss and damage of personal information. In order to fully enforce these measures, we also provide educational programs and supervision for our staff. In case of outsourcing personal information management, the delegated party is selected and supervised with extreme care.
  2. If by any chance personal information is found to be leaked, lost or damaged, we take, as a matter of top priority, immediate corrective actions to stop any further development of the situation. At the same time we conduct thorough investigations to determine the cause of the matter and take action to prevent recurrence of such accidents. Furthermore, we follow strict reporting guidelines regarding accidents, reporting all relevant information to the people affected as well as to the appropriate authorities.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations, Conformity with Government Guidelines and other Rules

The Company will comply with Laws, related regulations, guidelines by the relevant government agencies and rules of professional institutions in which the Company belongs to.

Continual reformation of management systems for protecting Personal Information

The Company keeps directors and staff informed about the management systems for protecting personal information. Along with the implementation and maintenance of those systems, it also regularly reviews the contents and continuously reforms possible inadequacies.

Handling of complaints and inquiries on Personal Information

In case of filing complaints to the Company regarding the handling of personal information or if you would like to send inquiries on the matter, please contact the Company at the following information.

Privacy Policy

To 3F Nihombashi TEC Bldg, Ningyo-cho Nihonbashi Chuo ward, Tokyo, JAPAN 101-0013 To: Global-One. Inc
Tel +81-(0)3-5614-7370 (Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00)
Office Hours 9:00-18:00 (excluding weekends and public holidays)

Global-One. Inc.
President: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
Date of enactment: 25th August, 2017

Privacy Policy Announcement

Global-One. Inc. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) informs of its approach to privacy policy with the following concepts

How we use your personal information
  1. The purposes of use of personal information that Global-One. Inc. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) retains are as described below. A(※)sign indicates information which is subject to requests for informing and disclosing the purpose of use, correction, addition or elimination of its contents, discontinuation of use of personal information, deletion, and halting the provision of personal information to third parties.
    Type of Personal Information Purpose of Use
    From Applicants※ Assessment of personal resources required by the Company
    From Employees※ Staff administration and business communication
    From Retired employees※ Statutory administration for staff and communication in case of organizing convivial events, etc. as necessary
    Personal information acquired upon developing commissioned projects Actual data import into developing systems
    Personal information which is available for inspection upon maintaining systems Implement of system maintenance based on requests from customers
    From Clients and other business partners Business communication with client companies and other associated companies
    From Customers who applied for campaigns/prizes presented by the Company※ Select winners (including the inspection for duplicated win) and send presents to the selected Customers may receive information about the Company and the prizes via mail magazines or direct mails only after the Company receives agreement from customers individually.
    From Customers who applied for mail magazine subscription and customers who agreed on receiving mail magazines※ Offer information about new products, campaigns, etc. and deliver mail magazines
    From Customers who took part in certain questionnaires and other surveys※ Development of new products, quality improvement for existing products and services, other marketing operations, utilize statistical information without disclosing each respondent’s personal identity
    From Individuals who sent inquiry to Customer support service※ *Answer to the inquiries *The content of conversation with the customer may be recorded to ensure correct response * Archival purpose of the inquiries sent to the Company(based on a company’s responsibility to file and store documents in order to comply with Product liability regulations)
    From Customers who agreed on ※ *Offer information about the Company’s
    receiving replies to inquiries and direct mails※ products, campaigns, etc. *Send reply to inquiries *Send direct mails
    From Customers who registered on the Company’s web-site※ *Delivery of the Services *Customize information on the Company’s web-site according to the needs of customers, customize the Services and advertisement delivery *Improve the quality of contents for the Services *Carry out questionnaires on customers’ needs, likes and tastes *Create statistics database on the Services *Send mail magazines and direct mails to customers with their agreement *Send products and presents to customers *Administrative operation for customers *Convey operations of the Services which are delegated by the Company
Statement regarding the holder of personal information

The Company hereby announces the following regarding handling of personal information.

  1. The Company Name
    Global-One. Inc. (3F Nihombashi TEC Bldg, Ningyo-cho Nihonbashi Chuo ward, Tokyo, JAPAN 101-0013) The Company implements strict security measures to prevent leakage, loss and damage of personal information. In order to fully enforce these measures, we also provide educational programs and supervision for our staff. In case of outsourcing personal information management, the delegated party is selected and supervised with extreme care.
  2. Supervisor for protecting personal information.
    Department of Online operations (+81-(0)3-5614-7370)
  3. Purposes of use of personal information
    See “1.Privacy Policy Announcement”
  4. Place to file a complaint regarding the handling of personal information
    Address 3F Nihombashi TEC Bldg, Ningyo-cho Nihonbashi Chuo ward, Tokyo, JAPAN 101-0013
    Tel +81-(0)3-5614-7370
  5. Name and contact of authorized personal information protection organization which the Company belongs to
    ※The Company does not belong to any authorized personal information protection organization
  6. Information disclosure request
    See “3. Procedure for information disclosure request”

Procedure for information disclosure reques

You can address the following requests to the Company’s Department of Online operations: informing and disclosing the purpose of use, correction, addition or elimination of its contents, discontinuation of use of personal information, deletion, and halting the provision of personal information to third parties
(Tel: +81-(0)3-5614-7370 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00~18:00)
However, we may not be able to correspond to above mentioned requests in cases when legal restrictions apply, or when our information storage period has expired.

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