Things we should do before we start


All you need are :




Internet Connection




Camera and Headset

※Only those who needs

Step 1. Membership registration


1. Information entry on Membership registration page

Enter your E-mail address and password in the fields provided. Click the Registration button. A confirmation mail will be sent to your E-mail address.
Click the confirmation URL included in the E-mail text. Enter further detailed information on the web-page. Membership registration is completed when you click this URL.

2. Login to MyPage


Once your membership registration is completed, login to your MyPage! Messages and news on this page are uploaded daily by our admin office. Please check this page on a regular basis!


3. Profile registration

Once you are logged in, click the [Edit] button on the upper left side and enter your profile information. Your registered information will be viewed by our teachers for your lessons. The more precise you are, the more effective your lessons will become!
※Please make sure that your SkypeID on this page is correct. This SkypeID will be used for your lessons.

Step 2. Purchase points


1. Select the desired plan on the card payment page

In order to have lessons at NIHONGO IROHA, you need to purchase points. Purchase of points is done from the card payment page after logging in to My Page. Since there are multiple plans, purchase the desired price plan. There are multiple fee schemes for points. According to the price plan, refer to the price plan page.


2. Enter card information

After checking the selected plan, click "Proceed to card payment procedure". Since display the credit card information by entering the form, enter credit card information. In addition, NIHONGO IROHA supports "VISA" "MasterCard" "JCB".


3. Point Acquisition

After registering the credit card information, when the screen changes, the purchase is complete. You can check the number of points on the My Page Top. In order to do the lesson, you need to make an appointment to the Instructor's schedule using the purchased points.

Step 3. Lesson appointments


1. Reserve a lesson from your schedule

For lesson days, you can register from [Schedule from My Page] [Reservation from Instructor] on My Page. To make a reservation from schedule, first click the date and time you want to make your reservation from the calendar. When you click on the calendar, the instructor who is registering reserved frames on that day will be listed. Choose the time and instructor you want to take a lesson and make a reservation for the lesson.


2. Choose your teacher

You can make appointments on [Make appointments by date] and [Make appointments by teachers] on your MyPage. There are a great number of teachers who are experienced and have unique and broad backgrounds. Choose one who matches your purpose for learning Japanese. For more information about the teachers, visit the Teachers’ page here.


3. Make lesson appointments

Once you choose your teacher, make appointments according to his/her schedule openings. Available schedules are shown in blue. By clicking your desired schedule, you will go to the confirmation page. Check the POINTS needed for the lesson. If everything is okay, click the [Make the appointment] button. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will automatically go to the next page. You will also receive a confirmation E-mail, so please check your inbox. Prior to your lesson, you can make requests to your teacher about esson content. In this way, your 25 minutes will be more worthwhile. ( ex. pronunciation practice. self-introduction for business. etc.) If you don’t have enough POINTS, you can purchase additional POINTS in the left-side Menu page [Purchase POINTS].

  • It is possible to reserve a lesson until 3 days before the start time of the lesson.
    When you cancel the lesson, 4 days before the start time of the lesson, you won't be charged.

Lesson Start


1. Test call

  • 10 minutes before your lesson starts, sign in to Skype and test your headset (microphone) and Webcam. Please make sure they are properly connected. You can go to [Help] on the menu and select Call Quality Guide then go to the soundcheck wizard from there and check your sound and video settings.
  • 5 minutes before your lesson starts, set your Skype status to “Online”.

2. Start your lesson!

You will receive a call from your teacher. Click [Answer] and start your lesson!

After the lessons


When your lesson is finished:

After your lesson, please submit a “completion report” from your lesson history on your MyPage, where all your completed lessons are shown. You can also send your feedback and opinions there. This will help improve your next lesson with the teacher.

  • In case of not submitting your “completion report”, your lesson may be marked as not having been done. Please make sure that you send this “completion report” after each lesson.

You can do this on your page.

Memo Function

There is a memo function that you can easily understand and use freely on my page. It is OK even if you write a memo for the next lesson or a goal.

You can download videos and text

You can download the text using points, so select and download what you like!