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  • 出身国Japan
  • 居住国Vietnam
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Self-introduction I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Makoto, but call me Marto My english name. I’m from Fukuoka Japan and I turnined 28 on June 5th of this year. One of my hobbies is comunicating with other people specially with foreighners. That’s the reason why I want to teach japanese here on NIHONGO-IROHA . I think teaching on NIHONGO-IROHA is one of the best things that ever happened to me, Because I will meet a lot of students who will be a good at speaking japanese. So I’m happy for that. Let’s make each day count. It would be a great pleasure for me to meet and study with you. Thank you very much.

大家好,我叫marto,来自日本福冈,2017年上半年我在台湾的大学学习了三个月的中文,2017年下半年我又在高雄一邊工作一邊學習了三個月中文,所以我會說一點兒漢語。有時候我在網上學習英語和中文,我的愛好是動漫和漫畫, 我最喜歡航海王。 我很開心成為你們的日語老師,希望和你們度過愉快的時光,一起加油吧~請多多關照

はじめまして、にほんご イロハでせんせいをしていますMARTOといいます。
いろんなかたがたの、べんきょうのやくに たてたら うれしいです。
いっしょに、にほんご を べんきょう していきましょう。

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