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Instructor名 Yoko 先生
Sex 女性
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Self-introduction Hi! I'm Yoko. I live near Tokyo, and I have lived in Italy where I began to teach Japanese at a Japanese cultural association to over 100 students. Now I teach to all nations over the world here online! Welcome every levels from beginner up to advanced level, and those who intend learning speaking, grammars, or preparing for JLPT, and so on; I can focus on each demand ;) Since I have been working in various companies both in Japan and abroad, I can give you also practice for business use. I majored in information technology and arts. I like painting, watching movies, and sports. Feel free to contact to me, thank you!

(jp) こんにちは!はじめまして。ようこ(Yoko) と もうします。イタリアにすんでいました。そこで にほんご を おしえていました。100にん いじょう の がくせい が いました。いま、インターネット で せかいじゅう の ひと へ レッスン を しています。
はじめて の ひと から じょうきゅう レベル まで、そして かいわ や ぶんぽう、 JLPTしけん の じゅんび など、ニーズ に あわせて べんきょう できます。
ながねん にほん と がいこく で はたらいています ので、ビジネスかいわ も おおしえ できます。せんこう は じょうほうこうがく と げいじゅつ、しゅみ は え を かく こと、えいが や スポーツ

(it) Ciao! Sono una giapponese qualificata del C2 in lingua italiana. Ho Insegnato per quattro anni la lingua giapponese per italiani presso una scuola di Firenze, e adesso per tutte le nazionalità su on-line! Accetto ogni livello da principiante fino a quello avanzato; possiamo mettere a fuoco un'argomento su richiesta. Ho lavorato in varie aziende in Giappone e all'estero, per cui potrei darvi lezioni di pratica per l'ambito lavorativo. Mi sono laureata in ingegneria informatica e in Arte. Mi piace dipingere, guardare il film, e lo sport. Non esitate di contattarmi!
English skill, Japanese teacher's experience 2013-2017 Japanese teacher at "Lailac" Japanese Cultural association in Florence (Italy)
2015- Japanese Calligraphy workshop instructor in Italy

2014 C2-livello quattro (max level in Italian) of CILS
2017 860 points of TOEIC (2017)

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