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Sakura 先生
  • 出身国Japan
  • 居住国USA
  • Point500pt
  • RankC
Instructor名 Sakura 先生
Sex 女性
Available language
Self-introduction Hello, everyone! I’m Sakura. I’ve been living in the US for quite some time now. My family and I visit our friends and family in Japan every year. I love traveling, performing arts, music, and Japanese animation. I hope that by learning Japanese, you will have a great opportunity to explore Japanese culture and develop good communication skills with Japanese nationals for traveling, business, and more.
みなさん こんにちは。わたしは さくらです。わたしは アメリカ(あめりか)に ながくすんでいます。わたしと かぞくは、まいとし にほんを たずねています。わたしは、りょこう、ぶたいげいじゅつ、おんがく、そして、にほんのアニメ(あにめ)が すきです。みなさんが 、にほんごを ならうことによって、 にほんの ぶんかに ふれ、りょこう、ビジネス(びじねす)、そのほか いろいろなばめんで、にほんじんと うまく コミュニケーション(こみゅにけーしょん)を とれるように なって ほしいです。
English skill, Japanese teacher's experience I live in California primarily speaking English.
I have total 12 years of working experience using both Japanese and English that include positions such as an office administrator at a company that operates a theme park in Tokyo, a receptionist at a TV station in Tokyo, an executive secretary at a trading company in Los Angeles, teaching Japanese at a language school in Los Angeles and teaching and tutoring English at Language schools in Tokyo. My TOEIC score is 885.

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