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Honoka 先生
  • 出身国Japan
  • 居住国Japan
  • Point500pt
  • RankA
Instructor名 Honoka 先生
Sex 女性
Available language
Self-introduction Hello, my name is Honoka. I'm teaching Japanese for more than 2 years. I like traveling, meeting new people, learning other cultures, sharing great experiences and memories. I can help you learning Japanese with a lot of encouraging words. See you in my class!
こんにちは、わたしは ほのか です。2ねんいじょう にほんごをおしえています。わたしは、りょこう、あたらしいひとにあうこと、ぶんかをまなぶこと、けいけんとおもいでを シェアすることがすきです。いっしょに ほんごのべんきょうを がんばりましょう。
English skill, Japanese teacher's experience ✔I'm qualified to teach Japanese
✔ Teaching more than 1 year and a half, and more than 1060 hours
✔ Anyone from adults to children
✔ To respond to a request (Please tell me the request like "grammer;~tekudasai")
✔ Basically all day on Friday and Sunday, and weekdays in the morning

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  • Honoka-sensei is the best :)