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Instructor名 HAYATO 先生
Sex 男性
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Self-introduction にほんごきょうしのはやとです。あなたのにほんごのまなびをさぽーとします。よろしくおねがいします。
Hello, my name is HAYATO. I will support your learning Japanese. Thank you. I am a graduate student in a university in Japan, and I study humor. When I was a sophomore, I have been to Taiwan for studying abroad, and I learned Chinese and Taiwanese culture in there.
・Lesson: We will decide what and how you learn Japanese together when we meet in the first lesson.
・Schedule: In September, I can have class on 2、3、4、6、7、9、10、11、13、15、16、17、18、20、22、24、28、29th. Please check my schedule for detail.
・Be careful: I am not good at teaching Business Japanese except for the Japanese used in part-time job.
English skill, Japanese teacher's experience TOEIC score 685

I have been teaching Japanese to people who study Japanese and speak Chinese as their native language, with using Chinese.
Also, I have taught Japanese pronunciation to one Korean student as a university student. In particular, how to move your tongue and exhale when you pronounce Japanese Hiragana.

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