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  • 出身国Japan
  • 居住国Japan
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Instructor名 MESAHAMI 先生
Sex 女性
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Self-introduction Hi! My name is Mesa. I was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan. I have lived in various countries, the USA, the UK, Italy, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. I speak multiple languages, English, as well as daily conversation level Italian and Arabic. I majored English literature in Ferris University. I worked for Aramco as a contractor, JGC, Sharq, Saudi Arabia as a contractor, Mitubishi Heavy Industry, Johnson and Johnson Medical, Morgan Stanley as well as Geos language school. My passion is to help my students improve Japanese skills and to introduce Japanese culture.
I like cycling, playing frisbee, hiking and most of outdoor activities as well as dancing.

English skill, Japanese teacher's experience I am a bilingual Japanese teacher, English and Japanese. I have been a private Japanese teacher since 1995. I taught Japanese language at an adult education program for employees for Saudi Aramco from 2015 to 2018. I had several Japanese calligraphy and cooking classes there. After I moved to Bahrain in 2018, I became a private Japanese teacher and assist Japanese tea ceremony which was conducted by a Bahraini lady. Also I started to design various Japanese kimono dresses, kimono Abaya ( A loose, usually black robe worn by Muslim women) and etc......

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